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The Lightpath Foundation was inspired through the collective thoughts of the founding members and board of directors. Realizing the need for programs and initiatives that would help cultivate a new generation of transformational leaders the team at Lightpath sought to develop curriculum and strategic partnerships that would allow this to be possible.  The vision of this organization is to provide a solid foundation for all people to experience the realization of their visions and dreams.  We accomplish this through proven leadership and time management training in our LEAD institute and STEP Academy Program.  We also look to assist our schools and their students in obtaining the proper and most current text books and supplies through our text*free initiative.  Adding to these services we are inspired to help churches and their leadership experience growth and needs assessments through our Health Path and Lead Like Jesus programs.

Lightpath Foundation A 501c3 Non-Profit Organization

Our Team

Ezra McClendon


"Leaders are taught to not only influence others but be a personal representation of the principles and core values of the organizations they have been inspired to lead."

Yvonne McClendon

Vice President/Creative Director

"We are driven by the desire to see a fulfillment of potential in all those we serve.  To see ones life changed in a positive way makes all the difference in what we do."

Pamela Edwards

Operations Director

"Our passion is to develop the God given abilities of the individuals we serve.  We are charged to motivate and inspire the next generation of leaders."

Omar Oyarebu

Treasurer/Financial Director

"No greater joy can be found than when a young person discovers their vision and commits themselves to becoming everything they can be."

Maureen Stainfil

Education Coordinator

"Exploring the hearts of young people to find what their passions are can be rewarding beyond measure."

Our Advisors

Dr. Hanna Hamdi

Founding Member/Academic Advisor

Floyd R. Long

Healthcare Advisor

Our Vision

To create an inspired, educated and committed foundation of transformational leaders for this and future generations. 

Our Mission

We are committed to training and empowering servant leaders, pouring out our lives into the lives of others.​

Our Core Values






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