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These are the services we offer at Lightpath Foundation.  Our text*free initiative looks to provide free text books and supplies to need based schools.  Our leadership programs provide the solid foundation for individuals, groups, corporations and churches to experience growth.  We develop & mentor the future generation of leaders through our STEP Academy  program.

text*free Initiative

- Provide funds for schools in need of textbooks & learning materials

- Offer free school supplies

- Adopt-A-School

- Community Outreach
- Literacy Programs for Children


LEAD Institute

​- Leadership Skills Training

- Team Building

- Personal Growth and Development

- Coaching Services

- Conflict Resolution

- Empowerment


- Computer and Networking Services

- Strategic Planning

- Organization Management

- Vision and Mission Development

- Disaster Recovery Planning

- Business Stability Assessment

S.T.E.P. Academy

- Future Leader Training

- Study Skills Development

- Vision Casting

- Time Management

- S.M.A.R.T Goals


HealthPath Program

- Community Nursing Program

- Parish Nursing
Personal Health Counseling
- Nutrician and Wellness Services

- Social services


Articles & Resources

Lightpath Foundation A 501c3 Non-Profit Organization

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